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Journey to Being a Master Entrepreneur!

Shoot Your Revenue Up to 3X within 90 Days

Analyze your Finances. Strengthen your Cycles

Design Robust Systems & Process to Optimize Output

Nurture the Core Beliefs, Habits & Skillsets 

An Intensive Training Program designed especially for Indian Business Owners to direct them Accelerate their Growth!

Workshop Details:

4 Full days


30th-31st May -1st -2nd June '24 


4th-5th-6th-7th July '24 

Language: Basic English

A staggering 1,23,000 businesses FAIL in India Every Day.


Due to inadequate Funding or Working Capital.


Due to the lack of Skilled Resources.


Not being able to target the Right Market or Audience.


Due to No Strategic Roadmap adapting to Current Trends

You brought an Idea to Life.
You worked hard & Built an Enterprise around it.
You solved a Problem & Created Employment.

"From high debt and a failing business, I now stand at my business's most profitable quarter with Industrial orders pre-booked until Mid-2024. Business Vidyapeeth brought my business back to life."

Pramod Savadatti

Director - SP Design Developers LLP

Master the 4 Core Business Pillars with Business Vidyapeeth!


5217 entrepreneurs witnessed a Progressive shift in their Mindset.


4690 entrepreneurs built a high-performance and result-driven team.


5519 entrepreneurs cracked the Cashflow Circulation game and scaled their revenue


5700+ entrepreneurs ignited their path to building a Visionary Organization.

Let your business story be the next success we celebrate!

Heartful messages from our mentees...


Business Vidyapeeth facilitated personal and professional growth, fostering self-trust, help-seeking, and resilience through observation and hard work. Grateful for the transformative experience!

Henal Jain
Present Perfect Clothing Accessories & Gifting - Mumbai

Business Vidyapeeth transformed my financial perspective. The Seed Belief exercise altered my mindset on money and loans. Now, I view a 16% interest business loan as a winning strategy. Grateful to Mayur Sir and the team for reshaping my mindset.


Amit Agarwal
Optimus Prime E-commerce - Mumbai

The course revolutionized my management approach, fostering calm efficiency through strategic planning, business hierarchy, Kaizen, and brand storytelling. My established business now thrives with improved work-life balance and accelerated growth.

Vipin Jajjoo
Jayagarments India Pvt. Ltd Garments Manufacturing - Surat

BVP was a remarkable journey, reshaping my beliefs and establishing crucial growth strategies. The pinpoint discussions, implementation support, and post-training follow-up added immense value. Gratitude to Mayur Sir, Dhaval Sir and Vandana Madam for their transformative guidance. This experience far exceeded the investment's worth, and my heartfelt thanks for the profound impact on my personal and professional growth.


Nitesh Vashi
Eco Energy Solar EPC -Surat

Business Vidyapeeth, a transformative experience, instills life and business growth skills. It emphasizes crucial decision-making in business and imparts effective management techniques, fostering a relaxed work environment with efficient staff handling.

Hasnain Mustafa
Brushwell Industries Manufacturing & Trading - Mumbai

After attending the Business Vidyapeeth workshop and implementing the strategies, cash inflow of my organisation has doubled, where most of the funds were not coming on time. Now as an organisation i am pursuing for 2x growth in the overall performance index in the coming quarters.

Bhoopesh Ramakrishnan
United Group Medical & HealthCare product Distributors Thrissur, Kerala
Are you an Indian Business Owner who is struggling with…
Extremely High Competition

Stagnant Revenue

Improper Payment Cycles

The Absence of The Right Team

Non-Clarity on How to Scale

The Routine Business Fire Fighting

Overwhelming Thoughts & Lack of Delegation

Decision Making


Plan your Roadmap to 3X Scalability.

Optimize Your Payment Cycles for Your Financial Stability.

Build a High-performing Team that drives Results.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Deal with Uncertainties & Market Fluctuations.

Establish a Strong Brand Presence and Culture.

Break the Business Routine & Evolve as a Process-driven Business.

Hit the Perfect Work-life Balance.


MTMO: The 4 Pillars of Any Business

Known only to the Fortune 500 Companies

The Habit of KAIZEN

The Art of Getting Things Done

Peak Productivity Technique

The 4 Pillars of any business

Known only to the Fortune 500 Companies


The Art of Getting Things Done

Accomplish 100 important tasks in a week

To be the Best, you have to LEARN from the BEST!

Mr. MAYOUR NANDU, M.D Growth Vidhyapeeth 

(Strategic Business Coach and Cashflow Consultant)

Mr.Mayour Nandu

M.D Growth Vidhyapeeth

(Strategic Business Coach and Cashflow Consultant)

Mentored more than 20k Professionals & Entrepreneurs over the past 2 decades

Lead Faculty of Business Vidhyapeeth

Led trainings at companies like Godrej, Siemens, Della, Donear, Mahyco and TechnoPr

Been a guest speaker at various key associations like JITO, ICAI, TAIT and ASIRT

NLP Trainer

Known for his Radiance & Insightful Guidance

Mr. DRIPLE SHAH, C.E.O Growth Vidhyapeeth

(Productivity and Success Mindset Coach)

Mr.Driple Shah

C.E.O Growth Vidhyapeeth

(Productivity and Success Mindset Coach)

Trained More Than 35,000 individuals in India, Kenya & Thailand for the past 15 years.

Has mentored Professionals & Teams of more than 1000 Enterprises across Industries.

Been a keynote speaker at numerous organizations & universities like Anarock, JITO, & JJC.

Author Of E-books Master Success In 2 Steps & 7 Steps to Eliminate Communication Error.

Business Communications Mentor.

Known for his Integrity & Massive Action.

Hear out the Experiences of some of our Top Participants

"Business Vidyapeeth is a game-changer. From doubling cash flow to achieving 100 crores, their mentorship empowers entrepreneurs. Lifelong association with Business Vidyapeeth feels like having trusted Chanakyas by my side."

- Mr.Gagan Chandhok
Copia Inc

"Business Vidyapeeth transformed my Belief system. Team's confidence soared. Organizational restructuring & Strategic planning, enhanced our work efficiency yielding 2.5x growth in revenue."

- Mr. Swapnesh Sheth
KVS Drivesystems Pvt Ltd


We know you are passionate about your entrepreneurial journey. You are not just building businesses; you are crafting a better tomorrow for all.

One is bound to face formidable obstacles during this pursuit. BUT an objective approach to navigate these challenges always paves the way.

Business Vidyapeeth extends that approach for you. 
Our vision is to Create 10000 Visionaries contributing significantly to India's economic development.

Let’s Join hands to unlock your immense potential!